Covid-19 self isolation & social distancing

What to do with all this time??

Free resources for your children's free time

My name is Sally.

I am an entrepreneur, company owner, full time architectural interior designer, and Mum of two brilliant boys.

I don't really "do" down time...

What is this page all about?

I am determined to transform this worrying time of Covid-19 self-isolation or self-distancing, from a fearful, tension filled period for my 8&9 year old children, into a time where they remember their parents stopping and being present. A time of family and (if possible) fun.

This free guide is a compilation of the resources I have found that are helping me, and I hope will help you, to get the most out of this time.

I give it in support of those of us who suddenly now find we are teachers as well as parents, tech support as well as emotional support, full time carers as well as full time workers.

There are no aids to home-schooling here, rather a guide to refer to in those moments of panic where you look around in a cold sweat wondering what to do without the structure of school and childcare.

Please share this page with anyone who could benefit from it!

With love and support,


Choose to be optimistic, it feels better ”

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