How long will my build project take?

Considering a build project?

Ok. So now you have your planning permission for your build project, you have your building regulations and you have your tender pack sent out to one-too-many builders.

I advise in my “planning timeline” infogram that you chose your start time of project carefully, but how do you know how long a build project will take?

Before any reputable builder begins they should provide you with a timeline specific to your job, and specific to their workforce, but if you haven’t got to this yet:

Please take a look at my infogram below which details a guide timeline for building a mid-sized extension. Scale up or down as your project requires but you will have an idea of the running of the project to see when it would be good to go on holiday… and when not!

If you are at the point that you need planning permission and want some information on the steps and how long it will take, see my article on that subject here.

Extension Timeline planning Able and Hardie

It is hard to hold acceptance as possible in the face of brutality. It is hard to hold that every person is 100% worthy in the face of murder, when my first, visceral thought creates abhorrence. 
My second thought is the one I choose: 
I do not now, nor will I ever accept wilful, wasteful, bitter harm to another human. I allow and want myself to be deeply upset and angered by this. 
I accept that this behaviour was a choice made by a human. 
I hold that humans are 100% worthy, regardless of behaviour. 
Accepting someone as they are, with free will to make good or bad choices does not mean I do not hold them accountable for their behaviour. 
It does not mean I agree or condone their behaviour. 
I do not accept or condone brutality or murder. 
I stand against this behaviour. 
I stand for humans. 
All humans. 
I want humans to make better choices.
Happily finished pre-lockdown, my clients get to enjoy their wonderful finished home a LOT now! 
Sneak peek of a recently finished home in Prinsted for hands down the #bestclientsever. This wood floor is brand new but so expertly laid by my favourite @justwoodflooring looks like it is original to the property. 
Complete trust from my clients allowed for some amazing interior details options to open up, like curved corners to the walls (SO worth the effort). All to create a modern ‘old’ home. 
Architect: @helyer_davies 
Architectural Interior Design: @ableandhardie 
Flooring: @justwoodflooring 
Paint: @benjaminmoore 
A bit of a side step from my normal appreciation, but for architecture, and for the love of horses, I couldn’t let this pass. Designed by @matiaszegers, this stable has the maximum daylight pouring in through its cleverly envisaged roof. 
I want to come back as one of these horses...