How long will planning permission take?

before reno room able and hardie
Are you considering stepping into the world of extensions or rebuild?

Do you yearn to have that extra space your neighbours have so cleverly created but have no idea of the process?

So, ripping pages out of magazines, and pinning adorable vignettes will only get you so far. At some point you will need professional help (not just counselling, but an architect or designer!)…

Have a look at the infogram I created for my clients – it leads you through a likely time frame, and describes all the elements you need to have, to get to a successful project start. It is good to know what is coming before it does, and good to be forewarned that planning permission itself is not enough to get on and build!

Have you already got all this but don’t know how long the build will take? Look at my article on how long building projects take.

Able and Hardie Planning permission timeline