Stylish and practical indoor bike storage

Bike stored vertically indoors, on wooden wall by window
In the last few years the world has undergone something of a bike revolution… bikes are great!

But what to do with them when they aren’t carrying you off into the great outdoors? Storage and access are two of the biggest problems I discover when discussing lifestyle and hobbies with clients and bikes, along with watersport kit, come top of the list. Not such a problem when you have a garage and outdoor space, but with bike theft on the increase, what if you have to bring them in from the cold?

I’ve collated some stylish and practical indoor bike storage to help you solve this kit conundrum. The key is, get it off the floor! And recognise that whether vintage, or top of the range, a well loved bike can be art.

Off the wall

There are a number of these so I have selected just a few!


Looking something like a wonderfully coloured plant pot, the Solo from Cycloc screws to your wall and in addition to getting your bike off the floor, provides a stuff sack style interior for your gloves and accessories. It can be used vertically as well as horizontally, or all number of rakish angles to provide the exact cantilevered support your bike needs. Others models are available from Cycloc which hold your bike off the wall in different ways (perpendicular or at an incline).

Knife and Saw

The Knife and Saw Bike Shelf is a work of art, beautiful in itself, and stylishly dressed looks just as great without the bike…

Pressure mount bike rack

What?? A pressure mount rack is a rack that extends from the floor to the ceiling and uses pressure between the two to keep the rack wedged into place. It is a convenient and easy method to safely secure your bikes indoors. A major benefit is that it requires no drilling or screwing into your walls, ceilings, or floors. This makes the Gear Up OakRak floor to ceiling bike rack a great option for students, renters, or anyone who doesn’t want to damage their home.

On the ceiling

Not as crazy as it sounds, Relaxdays sell an inexpensive ceiling mount which enables you to winch your bike and store it above head height (this assumes a high ceiling of course!). It is also easy to mount onto smaller sections of planking to create an aesthetic-specific look.

Now, go ride that bike!

Detail of the Leo Chair by @brook_studio. Just bl Detail of the Leo Chair by @brook_studio. 
Just blissful. 
Happy hump day all! It’s been a long week already...
It’s all starting to come together at the #islan It’s all starting to come together at the #islandproject . We have overcome lengthy setbacks as we unexpectedly had to undo and redo poor historic work... it’s times like this that my client’s faith in my promised results is tested. 
Now that faith is being rewarded. 
Design @ableandhardie 📸 @ableandhardie
Did you know @ableandhardie also had a commercial Did you know @ableandhardie also had a commercial design studio? 
The studio and treatment rooms extension at @the_wow_clinic was a pleasure to be involved with. 
Open for business in January 2020! .
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