testimonial background Mr, Mrs D, Oxford

“Dearest Sally, we really are over the moon and happy as those proverbial pigs with what you created for us. Big, big thanks again”

testimonial background Mrs P, Emsworth

“Sally, thank you for today. It is so nice to sit down and speak with someone who knows what they’re talking about AND is a good listener”

testimonial background Mr, Mrs L, Chilgrove

“Thank you so much for your invaluable guidance and advice… Thank you also for your kindness…”

testimonial background Mr, Mrs G, West Sussex

“Sally questioned, looked, listened, then totally nailed what’s needed to take our home to the next level”

testimonial background Prof K, Isle of Man

You really have a hold on the operation, I would not know where to start…. you take the stress out of this whole project. Very many thanks

testimonial background Ms P, Wandsworth

“From the initial consultation through to completion, Sally listened to what was important to me, challenged me when I was being swayed by others’ preferences, and helped me appreciate the value of investing in the space I call home“

testimonial background Ms J, London

“Sally adds value from a single consultation to entire design packages. I highly recommend her”